2016 Bridal Jewellery

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2016 Bridal Jewellery – What Was on Display?

2016 showcased some of the most beautiful bridal jewellery. Brides and bridal parties sparkled at wedding ceremonies, adorned with incredible pieces.

If you are getting married in the New Year, this list will inspire you to choose the perfect jewellery. Create a memory that will last and be the envy of your guests.

Something Blue

Blue was a big hit with brides in 2016. Often associated with tearful joy, blue opal jewellery has made an impression at ceremonies. Some of the most popular jewellery items were opal earrings and necklaces. Earrings made a statement and worked perfectly with the gown and they are sure to remain just as popular in 2017. Visit our store and be inspired by our jewellery collection.


There is no question that a bride needs something borrowed on her wedding day. This is almost always a family heirloom. Diamond necklaces were the highlight of the jewellery pieces for brides. Many opted for this traditional piece with matching chokers. For those who don’t have a diamond heirloom, don’t worry. Anania Jewellers has a gorgeous collection of necklaces to choose from. Diamonds are forever, so make your wedding dazzle with a beautiful diamond necklace.

Going against Tradition with Colour

Red and green opal jewellery was popular with brides in 2016. Blue has always been associated with weddings but tradition changed in 2016. Green opal jewellery was popular as it complemented most eye colours and gowns. Red was another popular colour with brides. Red rubies replaced bold red lipstick and changed the overall feel of other accessories. Unlike blue, the red glow gave off a warm feel to the bride’s jewellery and gown. Both red and green opal jewellery is beautifully crafted from Australian stone.

Be inspired and come and have a look at our opal jewellery. Make a statement at your wedding and evoke your inner emotions with Anania’s opal jewellery.

Bangles and Bracelets

Bigger and bolder jewellery was a necessity in 2016, as brides sparkled on their wedding day. Diamond crest jewel bracelets matched perfectly with necklaces and tiaras. If you need inspiration for your wedding jewellery, Anania has more than 50 years of experience helping brides to pick the perfect piece. Our collection of bracelets will complement your gown and make you shine down the aisle. Platinum, white gold, and 18ct gold bracelets are just some of the beautiful pieces we have.

2016 was a year where colour shone brightly at wedding ceremonies around Australia. If you are looking for bridal jewellery and need some inspiration, Anania Jewellers can help. Our collection of wedding jewellery will have you looking your best and inspire creativity for your big day. Visit our shop or contact us on 02 9299 4251 and we’ll happily assist.

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