Men’s Guide to Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is the most admired promise throughout the world, and this once in a lifetime commitment is deserving of a once in a lifetime diamond.

An engagement ring is the most iconic symbol of true love and a representation for a lifetime together. We congratulate you on finding your life partner and taking the first steps to building a life together.

We understand the importance and difficulty to find the perfect ring for her to fall in love all over again. What may seem like an overwhelming search can soon be narrowed down with the guidance of the right jewellers. Together with the expertise of Ken Anania and his talented team, we are trusted to guide you through this exciting decision. To ensure this process is simple and stress-free, we have curated the perfect engagement ring guide for you to follow.

Tips to secretly choose the perfect engagement ring

Use these tips as an easy guide to craft or choose her dream ring:

  1. Speak to those who know her best – partner up with her mother and friends for a precise insight into her jewellery taste and style.
  2. Begin your home detective work – inspect her jewellery collection for an idea of her ring style, cut and colour.
  3. Ring measurements can be difficult to perfect – secretly borrow a few of her rings for Anania Jewellers to determine the size or bring in a friend with a similar hand size.
  4. Together, create a custom made piece embodied with love and a personal touch; or
  5. Choose the perfect piece from Anania Jewellers extensive collection of handcrafted beauty.
  6. Buy with confidence at Anania Jewellers and surprise her with the engagement ring and proposal of her dreams.
  7. Let her fall in love all over again.

How to choose her perfect ring style…

Your most valuable assets for choosing the perfect ring are her friends and mother. Who better to know what she loves than the people closest to her. Ask questions about the type of ring style, stone and cut she would love. This could be a classic, elegant round cut – a brilliant, contemporary princess cut – or a bold, one-of-a-kind unique cut.






We advise you to look through her jewellery collection and get an idea of her ring styles and colour; she could wear rose gold, white gold or yellow gold. For your ease of mind, you can bring a few of her rings with you for the team at Anania Jewellers to determine her style and suggest a variety of rings that match the description.

How to find the perfect fit…

Achieving the perfect sizing is difficult. The best way to avoid resizing the ring is to borrow one she isn’t wearing and bring it to Anania Jewellers to be measured.

Another option is to find a friend that has a similar hand size for her to model a variety of rings. This will give Anania Jewellers an idea of sizing, whether she has very petite, normal or larger size fingers.

How much to spend on her engagement ring…

This is one of the most common questions we hear from men shopping for engagement rings, and for good reason. An engagement ring is an investment of a lifetime with your partner and depending on the cut, stone and karatage of the ring, the price can vary.

Tradition suggests a young man should spend between one and three month’s salary on an engagement ring. However, Anania Jewellers understands that price can be a large factor in what ring to choose. Anania Jewellers can advise you on the appropriate amount to spend and specialise a collection of rings suited to any budget.

Buy with confidence at Anania Jewellers…

Anania Jewellers specialise in beautiful, custom-made jewellery with an exceptional eye in fine craftsmanship to deliver opulent engagement rings for a lifetime of love. Discover the timeless beauty, elegance and style with a viewing in the Anania Jewellers showroom and buy with confidence. Together with the expertise of Ken Anania and his talented team, you can have a custom-made engagement ring to resemble any description, style and beauty or select one from our showroom.

The Anania 'YES' Guide

Anania Jewellers has been one of Australia’s leading designers and manufacturers of fine quality jewellery since 1965.

Download our ‘YES’ Guide to share in over 50 years of experience in creating the perfect handcrafted ring.

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