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Perfect Engagement Ring

How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring For Her

Our Guide to Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

That feeling in your tummy and the rush of adrenalin to the brain, something is up… The strange feeling you have in your tummy, means you’re ready to say those 4 words that every woman at some stage of her life wants to hear. “Will you marry Me?”

That feeling in your tummy is vey soon replaced with a cold sweat as your brain goes into overdrive trying to remember the offhand comments you’ve heard her talking about engagement rings – did she like round or square, was it white gold or yellow gold, what is platinum and isn’t cut just the same as shape? Do you ask one of her friends – will that give you credit, or will you have asked the wrong friend and they are going to look down on you for not knowing the answers?

Let’s take a step back – firstly congratulations – most couples are now picking the engagement ring together, so if you’re thinking of doing it on your own – she is one lucky lady! Here is the thing that you’re not going to believe – no matter how wrong you get it – she is still going to love it – because if she says yes, she loves you and the ring to quote Mr Big in Sex and the city movie “That’s why you need a diamond… to seal the deal”.

We always advocate for simple and elegant – you can’t go wrong with a round solitaire diamond for an engagement ring. We make the same offer to every man who walks through the door, ready to start the journey towards the wedding day, if she doesn’t like the ring, she can come in and we can modify it – to date we haven’t had anyone take us up……

If you want to ensure success – you just need to open your ears when she is dropping hints – the words you are looking for are along the lines of

“I love <insert friends names> engagement ring, its so <insert compliment here>”

“I hate <insert friends names> engagement ring, its so <insert statement here>”

“I just want the biggest/brightest <insert diamond shape here>”

“I want more/less bling on my engagement ring”

Unfortunately, it takes a bit of time – so when you get that feeling in your tummy, it’s time to get started, but be prepared to be inundated with lots of advice from lots of friends, family and jewellers. The best advice we can give you is to listen to everyone and you’ll soon figure out who is saying the stuff that resonates with you. Show your jeweller photos of her as well – good ones will be able to spot her personality type and will notice the small details that will help you in finding the perfect ring. Once you are confident with what you believe, you know you’re ready to pick the perfect ring for her. She will cherish the ring just as much as she loves you!

We would love to help you in this journey! Click here to book a consultation with someone from our team.