Our History


Orfeo Anania discovered his passion

Orfeo Anania was trained as a Master Jeweller in Italy where he learnt about the techniques and tools necessary to make his amazing jewellery pieces. He came to Australia in the mid 1950’s with dreams of opening his own jewellery store in Sydney.


An inspired beginning

Anania Jewellers was founded in 1965 as O & A Anania Pty Ltd.

At this time, Orfeo Anania, an Italian jeweller, was bewitched by the beauty of the Australian opal which was growing in popularity. This gem would be the focal point of Orfeo’s new Sydney showroom which displayed many pieces of beautiful opal jewellery as well as diamonds and more.

Anania grew as a company and began to attract both national and international clients, who were taken by the beautiful handcrafted jewellery. Eventually Orfeo’s son Ken joined the passionate jewellery team and quickly helped to further establish the reputation of Anania Jewellers, as well as the growth of the Opal as the National Gemstone of Australia.

Sydney Jewellers

Sydney Jewellers


Anania Jewellers continued to develop

The team continued to grow with passionate jewellery makers and designers from around Sydney. As you can see fashion has changed a lot since then, as has our team of loyal and experienced jewellers.


A son joins his father

Ken has been an active member of the jewellery industry since joining Anania Jewellers in 1978.

With over 35 years of experience and a continuing passion for his work; Ken is an expert in the design and manufacture of high quality jewellery pieces – handcrafted under the guidance and skills handed down from father to son.

Sydney Jewellers

Sydney Jewellers

The Anania Jewellers Philosophy:

Handcrafted Perfection

The philosophy of Anania Jewellers has always been the importance of using high quality materials to create beautiful jewellery designed especially for each individual client. From stunning engagement rings, to your favourite pendant and earring sets, Anania Jewellers will ensure handcrafted perfection.


Respecting our Heritage

Anania has spent over 48 years as a distinguished head of the jewellery industry in Sydney, manufacturing fine Diamond and Opal jewellery with attention to detail and excellence. The team is committed to quality craftsmanship and innovation with all of their handcrafted jewellery creations.

Ken Anania continues to pay homage to his father’s footsteps by providing the same high quality jewellery design, materials and finished pieces with distinct family values.

“My father passed on to me the notion that Anania craftsmanship needs to be unquestionable.”

Sydney Jewellers

The Anania 'YES' Guide

Anania Jewellers has been one of Australia’s leading designers and manufacturers of fine quality jewellery since 1965.

Download our ‘YES’ Guide to share in over 50 years of experience in creating the perfect handcrafted ring.

In the ‘YES’ Guide, learn about all the different styles of rings, carats, diamonds and other stones to ensure you get the ring that’s right for you and your partner.

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