Meet Ken

Ken Anania is the founder of Anania Jewellers, which began crafting bespoke jewellery in 1965.


Anania Jewellers Specialises in Engagement Rings Sydney

Anania Jewellers has over 45 years’ experience providing our customers with handcrafted and custom designer jewellery.  Ken Anania is recognised as an industry authority, showcased with highly regarded industry certificates, exhibiting his level of experience and expertise.

Ken Anania ensures the highest ethical standards in jewellery valuing. He has obtained a certificate as registered valuer and an accredited jewellery specialist by the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA).

The Anania 'YES' Guide

Anania Jewellers has been one of Australia’s leading designers and manufacturers of fine quality jewellery since 1965.

Download our ‘YES’ Guide to share in over 50 years of experience in creating the perfect handcrafted ring.

In the ‘YES’ Guide, learn about all the different styles of rings, carats, diamonds and other stones to ensure you get the ring that’s right for you and your partner.

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