5 wedding photo ideas to show off your ring!

Often getting a beautiful photo of your ring can be a mission, which is why we have arranged some ideas for you.

Here at Anania Jewellers in Sydney our passion is our wedding and engagement rings which are created here at our showroom. We create a broad range of rings and jewellery pieces to suit any bride, groom or loved one, and today we are going to help you showcase your choices with five wedding ring photo ideas.

1. Sitting in a dewy flower

This choice for an up-close shot features the ring beautifully. Choosing to spray the flowers with droplets of water also gives the diamonds a glistening sheen that is reflected in the dew drops of the flowers.

Still haven’t chosen your wedding band?

You can find a similar wedding band to the eternity style ring featured above here.

Anania Jewellers in Sydney are dedicated to providing the most beautiful wedding and engagement rings. If you have an engagement ring that does not have a matching wedding ring we can also create a matching ring from scratch to whatever specifications you choose. Call us on 02 8103 4290 to ask our design consultants about our custom made rings today.

2. Bride and Groom Thumbs

Take a look at this sweet idea for featuring your wedding rings. You may even wish to use a small bit of white fabric as a veil on the Bride’s thumb by slipping it beneath the ring!

Looking for a wedding band for your man?


This wedding band is very similar to the one featured above and could be a great choice to blend a combination of gold and silver. This ensures that your ring will match any outfit that you choose and any style of cufflinks – no matter whether they are gold or silver. If you’re looking for a jeweller in Sydney to help design or select a male wedding band please visit Anania Jewellers on Clarence Street.

3.       Check mate with the King and Queen

This is a popular idea for people who want to show off their rings in an interesting way. You can portray the marriage of the “King and Queen” as well as portray that the groom has now been ‘Check Mated’ for life. Many people choose to frame this piece with a couple photo.

Choose a more glimmering ring for an outstanding photo

Anania Jewellers is a Sydney jeweller that can create any piece of wedding jewellery you can imagine. We also have a range of beautiful ready to buy wedding bands that are sure to make an elegant statement.

Take a look at this beautiful glimmering ring for your bride, or take a look at our male wedding rings to select a masculine piece.

This beautiful jewellery piece is available at our Sydney showroom. It features a band encrusted with diamonds that is sure to complement but not overshadow a beautiful engagement ring.

4.       With your furry friend


If you are close with your furry friend like so many of us are then this is an elegant way you can include them in your wedding photos. While having a cat or dog walk down the aisle is not for everyone, taking a quick snap and framing it with your wedding rings is an easy way to feature your feline or canine friend.

Why not pick a bit of colour to enliven your photographs?

Colourful wedding bands can be an elegant choice for bride’s who want to express themselves. Anania Jewellers in Sydney have a range of colourful gemstone choices for your wedding bands. You can either book a jewellery design consultation with our team or select a piece from our in-stock items.

5. Traditional and classic on a Bouquet

If traditionalism is more your style then photographing your wedding bands on the bouquet is a classic choice. You may wish to match this classic choice with a timeless gold wedding band as seen below. 

This has been the wedding staple for centuries and a plain silver or gold band will always look beautiful with a glimmering engagement ring with any stone.

To view more of our Sydney jewellery pieces please view our wedding and engagementgalleries. Or you can make an enquiry online about any of our pieces or make a design consultation appointment to bring your own design ideas to life.

Contact Anania Jewellers or visit our Sydney location at Level 1, 235 Clarence Street to view our collection. 

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