Jewellery valuations with a qualified jeweller and member of the NCJV

Ken is a registered valuer with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (N221) and an Accredited Jewellery Specialist (JS001) with the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA).

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Why receive a Jewellery Valuation?

  • Jewellery valuations are often for insurance purposes.  A professional valuation certificate will ensure a full compensation claim for lost or stolen jewellery.
  • To ensure you receive the top price when selling your gems, a professional valuation with detailed information and market value may peak audience interest.
  •  A valuation certificate is proof of possession and identifies the true value of a piece that may be an heirloom, stolen or lost.


Our Master Jewellers will ensure an unbiased and world-class appraisal.

As one of Sydney’s leading jewellery valuation specialists, Ken Anania has the professional expertise, dedication and advanced technology to provide an accurate valuation of your precious gems.

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Anania Jewellers operate with the most advanced valuation equipment to accurately detect sophisticated materials and gemstones.

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Duration a valuation with Ken Anania, all facets of a piece is individually appraised. We perform a quality analysis,  determine weight and manufacture identification, as well as compare the piece to industry trends and market demands.

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