Designer Mens Wedding Rings Sydney

Looking for a masculine wedding ring that strongly represents your love story as well as your personality?

We can create wedding rings from your own design or you can select a wedding ring from our collection of engagement and wedding rings for both men and women.

Here are some of our male wedding rings available at our Sydney jewellers



We have everything from Celtic wedding bands to brushed gold wedding rings. Of course we also have classic yellow gold wedding rings as if you’re not sure about what to choose, this is always an old favourite.

Do men have to wear wedding rings?

It isn’t a tradition everywhere for men to wear wedding rings but in Western society it is the standard for the most part. Some people like Prince William have opted not to wear a wedding ring but one can only imagine what Princess Kate has to say about that.

The Masculine history of Men’s Wedding Rings

According to history weddings rings are thought to be as old as ancient Egypt, while men didn’t start to wear them until much later. There was a paradigm shift when it comes to men wearing wedding rings in World War II as the husbands who fought overseas as part of the war chose to wear wedding rings as a symbol of their wives or family back home. It was a hope that this powerful symbol would not only keep them safe but it was an important comfort in the roughest times of war.

So as you can see the tradition of wearing a wedding ring is not emasculating in the slightest, in fact it is the opposite. When men come to see our team at Anania Jewellers we know that many men feel self-conscious about incorporating diamonds into their wedding rings. Diamond wedding rings for men are not feminine; in fact diamonds are one of the strongest stones available which makes them a symbol of strength and durability.

How your ring looks will depend on the band and the diamond cut

Square or round princess cut diamonds are popular for men’s wedding rings in a small stone. This stone will sometimes be singular or it may be in a set of three – although of course the number, size or cut of diamond you choose is completely up to you.


Lots of men also choose a brushed metal wedding ring as this looks more rugged and less ‘flashy’ than polished yellow gold or polished platinum. Brushed metal also makes your ring more resistant to obvious scratches so if you tend to be rough with your hands and jewellery then brushed metal will probably be the metal choice for you. This all comes down to your personality and what you want your wedding ring to look like.

Designer Men’s Wedding Rings Sydney

We create custom made men’s wedding rings so you can choose exactly what you want. We can manage the jewellery process from start to finish including sourcing the gemstones as well as the manufacturing of your wedding ring.

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