Rose Gold

Rose Gold Jewellery – Perfect for Unique Engagement Rings

Anania Jewellers are the engagement ring specialists in the Sydney CBD. If you find yourself attracted to the loveliness and romance of rose gold jewellery, talk to us about our bespoke designs that are made onsite.

Say I Do with Romantic Gold Rings

Rose gold is gaining popularity as a metal used for unique engagement rings. Their soft colour and vintage look imbue rose gold pieces with a touch of romance and enduring style. Your rose gold jewellery will range from red to rose to pink gold, colours that complement all skin tones, often making the perfect women’s wedding ring.

Rose Gold Metal

To make rose gold, pure gold must be alloyed with copper. The more copper there is in the mixture, the redder the jewellery becomes. The common alloy is 75% gold and 25% copper by mass, which would give you 18K.

Aside from its obvious beauty, many people choose this type of gold because it may be more affordable than other metals since copper costs less than other metals. Copper is very durable, which also makes rose gold a tougher metal than its yellow or white gold counterparts.

Tips and Tricks

If you are shopping around for engagement rings, it’s important to note that a higher karat ring has more pure gold in it. Therefore, an 18K ring will be a lighter shade and pinker than one that contains fewer karats. This also means that it’s possible for a higher karat ring to be less durable and scratch resistant compared to something of lower carats.

Many 14K rings contain some silver or zinc, so keep this in mind if your beloved suffers from any metal allergies.

Contact Anania Jewellers today to learn more about rose gold jewellery, or visit our shop in the Sydney CBD to view our selection of bespoke and creative jewellery.

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