Opal Earrings for Your Wedding Day

White opal earrings

Opal Earrings for Your Wedding Day

As a bride to be, you want to your wedding to be a day you remember forever. This involves a lot of romance, a lot of planning, and a little bit of magic. From the grandest gestures to the smallest details, everything needs to be considered.

The perfect piece of jewellery can make a big difference to your day, complementing your wedding dress and brightening every photo. Many brides are opting for colour tones with their jewellery, making opal earrings the must have accessory.

Why Opals?

Diamonds are forever and for the longest time, they have gone hand in hand with weddings. But as time has gone on, brides and their bridesmaids have been continually opting for opals. Unlike diamonds, opals come in different colours, which is why they are so appealing to a bride. The colour varies in each gemstone but the more colour spectrum it diffracts, the rarer the stone.

Opals have long been a stone of power and love and in some ancient cultures, it is said that opal dust had healing powers. Anyone that was in possession of an opal was granted good fortune. This is probably why opals are becoming more popular with brides on their wedding days.

Our Opal Earrings

Opal earrings will sparkle under the bright lights of your wedding ceremony. Be the envy of your guests and have the dream wedding you deserve. As a pioneer in wedding jewellery, our handcrafted pieces are perfect for your special day.

Our collection of opal earrings includes:

18ct Yellow Gold

Small opal stud earrings, the claw set is made from Australian solid light opal. White opals are rare and this stunning pair will beautifully match your wedding dress.

18ct White Gold

Elegant in design and colour, this pair of 18ct white gold earrings with a black and blue stone and diamond will dazzle on your wedding day. Made from Australian opals, these earrings are a must-have accessory.

4 Claw 18ct White Gold

A beautiful combination of colour and design, this 18ct white gold stud is complemented with a solid black gemstone. The stone is polished to accentuate the colours within the opal. Made from quality Australian opal, these earrings will sparkle throughout your big day.

White Gold Drop Earrings

Drop earrings have become popular with brides. This gorgeous pair of 18ct white gold earrings features 2 cabochon black opals. With a red spectrum diffracting within, the opals are elegantly fitted with shepherds’ hooks.

Stylish Drop Earring

This unique drop earring is stunning for any occasion. The blue-green opal is deep in colour and polished to perfection. This set of earrings will complement your wedding jewellery and dress beautifully.

Natural Opal

The unique design and colour of the opal will shine on your big day. Made from Queensland boulder opal, this deep blue coloured gem is stunning. If you need something blue for your wedding, this opal set is a must.

Anania Jewellers is a family owned business. As a premier Sydney jeweller, we have been handcrafting jewellery for more than 50 years and we know the significance of your wedding day. Contact us today by visiting our store in the heart of Sydney at 1/235 Clarence St. You’ll definitely fall in love with our opal wedding jewellery.

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