Do you have a special piece that needs remodelling?

One of the more popular traditions with engagement rings is updating a mother’s or grandmother’s engagement ring. This can often involve resizing and remodelling the ring to a more modern look. You may wish to incorporate coloured diamonds, a bezel surrounding, centre stone or an accompanying wedding ring to turn the heirloom into a set for your fiancé.




Beautiful Antique Restoration – Matthew’s Story

Matthew inherited a filigree design engagement ring from his grandmother to propose to his long-term girlfriend. Although the ring was a beautiful antique setting, time had an effect on the band, the colour was tarnished and style outdated. Ken Anania worked closely to customise and restore the ring to the specifications of a renewed look, while preserving the sentimental value of the piece.


Our team of Master Jewellers can restore your precious heirlooms, coloured gems and other jewellery to its original condition with the utmost delicacy. Anania Jewellers can also reinstate bands on engagement, wedding and decorative rings to provide the necessary strength for everyday wear. We offer a full range of professional jewellery solutions, including:

Jewellery ResizingIcon 1

Do you have a beloved ring or other fine jewellery that just doesn’t quite fit? Let us determine your exact size and professionally adjust all pieces to ensure the perfect fit and finish.

Jewellery Mounting and Claw Re-tippingicon 3

Do you have a loose diamond setting? Let us provide quality maintenance and prong re-tipping services before you lose any precious and expensive stones. We examine every jewellery piece under the highest magnification to ensure gemstones are perfectly aligned and securely set.

Stone Replacementicon 2

Don’t exclude a favourite jewellery piece because of a missing gemstone. Our Master Jewellers can replace a missing stone in any setting, or mount any loose stone.

Jewellery Cleaning and Polishingicon 4

Let our experts provide a premium clean, polish and jewellery renewal to have them sparkling again. We offer the utmost care to ensure that no detail is overlooked in the cleaning and polishing of your jewellery.

The Anania 'YES' Guide

Anania Jewellers has been one of Australia’s leading designers and manufacturers of fine quality jewellery since 1965.

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