Engagement Rings Sydney

Thinking of getting engaged?

Not sure what your partner is going to like?

Already confused with different things you’ve read on the internet, and what your friends have told you?

And most of all, are you afraid of being ripped off?

The most important part is the centre. Creating an Engagement Ring everything flows from the centre and tells a story. Every detail of an engagement ring is a decision. Every engagement ring we make is unique in some way. Just like no two couples are the same. The time to consult and create is not long when looking at a life time together. I can show you investing time with me won’t impact your budget.

If you are looking for quality, if you are looking to get better value,  call me on Tel: (02) 9299 4251 or email sales@anania.com.au or book in an appointment. You will be surprised at how simple it is and the added value.

If you need more information – read some of our blog posts with tips and advice on different elements of engagement rings.

Engagement Rings Sydney - Watch these videos on the key elements of diamonds - Understand our approach to diamond value

What Materials we Use

You can rest assured that when purchasing engagement rings, Sydney customers can be confident that only the best materials will be used when you design your own engagement rings with Anania Family Jewellers. Over the decades the team at Anania Family Jewellery has developed contacts throughout the world to source the precious metals and gemstones at competitive prices, passing these savings on to you. At our showroom in Sydney, diamond engagement rings are something that we are passionate about and using our expertise we can advise you on how to get more bang for your buck when choosing the type of stones and cuts to use in your custom designed engagement ring. If you are outside of Sydney, do not worry, contact us today and we can deliver our diamond engagement rings Australia wide, meaning you can get a ring of the highest quality at a competitive price, anywhere in the country. So, for beautiful custom engagement rings in Sydney, or anywhere else in Australia, there is only one place to go, Anania Family Jewellers, Sydney’s family-run jewellery store.

The Best Diamonds For Your Diamond Engagement Ring

If you have never bought a diamond engagement ring before, you may not realise how many different choices you will have to make when choosing the design of the ring and the materials to use. Anania Family Jewellers, the Sydney engagement rings specialists can help make your choices easier by educating in everything that you need to know to select the precious metal and diamonds for your engagement ring. As well as advising on the metal best suited, we can also give you advice on the best setting, and the best cut and grade of the diamonds to use in your engagement ring which will help you to maximise what you get for your money. We can also give you plenty of advice on how to take care of your engagement ring, and we do have a jewellery repair and restoration service if your ring does ever gets damaged. If you are looking to purchase a wedding ring as well, we can also create diamond engagement ring sets for you and ensure that your wedding and engagement rings match perfectly. When you are looking to have a custom engagement ring created of the highest quality, choose Anania Family Jewellers and have someone as passionate as you are about creating the perfect engagement ring of your dreams.

Designer Engagement Rings In Sydney City Made By Experts

When commissioning us for your one off engagement ring, Sydney residents are fortunate to have Anania Family Jewellers in the heart of the central business district of Sydney, and our wealth of experience and expertise makes us the number one destination for unique engagement rings Sydney couples love. Anania Family Jewellers first opened our doors in 1965 when Orfeo Anania opened the business supplying engagement rings, weddings rings, and other types of beautiful high-quality jewellery. Orfeo is passionate about jewellery and Anania Family Jewellers are the fifth longest-serving members of the JAA (Jewellers Association of Australia). The passion for creating beautiful jewellery is in the genes and Orfeo’s son, Ken, followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the company in 1977 and is a former board member of the JAA. His son Daniel also followed suit and joined Anania Family Jewellers in 2003, and the company also enjoys being accredited valuers with the NCJV (National Council of Jewellery Valuers). Anania Family Jewellers are also members of the GAA (Gemmological Association of Australia), so you can be assured that the highest standards will be met when you look to purchase a diamond engagement ring or any other item of jewellery from the Anania Family. As well as supplying the highest quality unique engagement rings to our customers, we also ensure that each customer feels special by providing them with the best buying experience and level of customer service possible. If you are looking to design your own engagement ring or have one of our experts design a unique diamond engagement ring for you, contact us today.

Contact Reputable Sydney Engagement Rings Designer Today

If there is one thing that Anania Family Jewellers know, it is what makes an engagement ring special, and we will take the time to not only listen to our customers wants and needs, but also educate them on the best materials to use for their engagement rings design. If you have any questions about the unique diamond engagement rings that we create, you can use our online contact form or send us an email to sales@anania.com.au, and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. Alternatively, you can call us on Tel: 02 9299 4251 and speak to one of our friendly members of staff who will be happy to answer any questions that you may have, or you can also pay us a visit at our Sydney CBD showroom and see our creations in real life. You can also follow us on social media to keep up to date with all the latest goings on and promotions at Anania Family Jewellery on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. When it comes to diamond engagement rings, Sydney couples have no better place to go for unique designs and competitive prices that Anania Family Jewellery in the heart of Sydney.