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How much should you spend on a ring?

Engagement Ring Etiquette – The Thousand Dollar Question

How much should you be spending on your engagement ring? This can be a burning question for many fiance-to-bes. Tradition tells us that an engagement ring should cost the equivalent to 3 months salary. Depending on where you are in life, this can return totally different numbers. Plus, with more couples buying rings together, it’s hard for the same maths to apply. Keep reading on to score some helpful tips on how much you should be spending!


The thought that counts

The important thing to remember is that it’s not the price you pay, but how much thought goes into the decision that truly counts. An engagement ring can be the most expensive jewellery purchase you will ever make. In an age where housing prices are on the rise, an avocado can set you back $7 and it’s sometimes cheaper to Uber than catch the train, it’s harder to justify taking a big chunk of your savings. Do your homework and really think about your partner’s taste and style. You can’t put a price on a ring that shows you truly know her. We can help you along this journey, just click here and book a personalised design consultation with our experience team.


Ignore the rules

Rules are there to be followed, but sometimes also ignored. It is hard to follow equations and standards, when your story is different to anyone else’s. Stay within your comfort zone and remember what this moment is truly about. Nowadays, lots of couples are making this important purchase together. This doesn’t have to take away from your special moment, and means you can spend a budget that you have agreed together. Who said a $2 gumball jelly ring can’t be romantic?


Don’t go overboard

Take some time to look around and see what suits what you’re looking for at different price points. Educate yourself and decide what’s the most important factor for you. Colour? Clarity? Carats? Remember, the biggest isn’t always the best. There are always ways to create hidden beauty throughout the detail and design of rings, irrespective of the size of the diamond. Check out some of our specialised pieces, by clicking here.


A touch of colour

Don’t forget there are other options to the classic diamond also, such as coloured gemstones or opals. Channel in a touch of royal elegance and go for a sapphire? Just think – Princess Diana or Kate Middleton. By opting for a coloured stone, not only will it be easier on the purse strings but you can create something truly bespoke and unique.


If you are looking for value in your diamonds, I always recommend G colour, SI1 or SI2 clarity and VG cut. For carats, I recommend uneven numbers like 0.99 carats as this can stretch the budget and give you a bigger centre diamond. At Anania Jewellers we want to be a part of the journey with you and are happy to discuss what your budget needs are, face to face. Click here to book a design consultation with someone from our team.