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Mens Jewellery

The Perfect Jewellery For The Perfect Guy

Mens Jewellery, to do or not to do?

There are some absolute essentials. Every man needs at least one pair of cufflinks – preferably with their initials engraved – its like a bespoke suit – hand-made, made to measure – they will last generations – they are like a power suit – the ultimate accessory. You can get them almost anywhere quite cheaply, in funny shapes and designs. They are fine and fun and every man’s wardrobe need a special pair.

Men’s Jewellery has come along way in the past few years – it comes down to the willingness to wear any and if they have the confidence to pull it off.

If your guy can wear a watch, he can wear a ring, so start simple with a silver or gold right hand ring. If they can wear that you can graduate to bracelets – leather or rubber is a simple and inexpensive way to start – start with black, brown or tan and you can always graduate to colourful. If he is really confident – black pearl bracelets and necklaces are becoming more and more on trend for men, but try and tie mens jewellery into a sentimental occasion – birthday, anniversary etc, you have a better chance of them wearing it.

It also helps talking to their friends or family and see if you can find pictures of them as teenagers. Was he experimenting with fashion? If yes, they may have worn some jewellery in the past and are probably more open to wear it now.

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