Sydney Watch Centre

Anania Family Jewellers has over 55 years of service excellence. Combined with Swiss trained watchmakers working on site we specialise in the repair and servicing of Swiss and high End Watches. We can also adjust straps, replace batteries and authenticate time pieces.

Located inside our studio and workshop at Anania Family Jewellers (see map at bottom of the page)

Below are some images of some of the watches we have repaired and serviced to give you an idea of the depth of our expertise.

Watch Services we Offer


Thinking of buying a second hand watch or have just purchased one?

Get peace of mind with an authentication report and check whether there is any damage or need for servicing or repair 


Watches run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for years on end. Regular check ups ensure that they keep performing. Just like your car engine needs oils and lubricants to run, so does your watch or friction wears down the parts faster


Watches like any moving thing can stop working. The number one issue we see with watches is rust inside movements. A small amount of moisture in a confined space creates a lot of issues. Strain and stress on parts will wear them down faster, and in a lot of cases require parts to be replaced or refurbished.

Battery Change

Ideally, watch batteries need to be changed every 2 years. Batteries start to break down after 2-3 years and with it comes battery acid which will start to erode and corrode other parts of the watch movement 

Band Adjustments

We can adjust bracelets on the spot and if you are thinking of a new band or bracelet we can source different options, fit and adjust

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me a quote over the phone or email?

Sorry, we need to open up the back of the watch to pinpoint what needs to be repaired. We can normally quote pretty quickly

How long does a service or repair take

A straight forward service is normally 5 working days. The watch parts need to be stripped (pulled to pieces) and cleaned with 3-5 different solutions, then re-assembled, tested (automatic watches require 40 hours of sitting to check power reserve)

Swiss Watches are dependant on parts being available locally and whether they are original that need to be shipped from overseas. We source parts all the time – and once we know what needs to be replaced we can advise how long it will take.

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